Australian Services & Distribution

ASD has established itself in the market place over back in November 1984 under a printing business known as Tully Compu-Print, due to technology the Printing business soon became an IT Computer basic business known as it is today ASD - Australian Services & Distribution.

Due to market demand, ASD have decided to specialise in Remote Computer Support/Troubleshooting, Website Design and Maintenance and Computer Sales.

You can visit the ASD FACEBOOK Page or the ASD Website.

Town Agent Courier Services

Courier service covering Ipswich area - Warrego to Cunningham Highway & Logan Motorway to Walloon

In October 2008 the ASD Group acquired an Ipswich basic flower delivery business known as TACS - Town Agent Courier Services, the business is now known as ASD - TACS Courier Services.

You can visit the TACS FACEBOOK Page or the TACS Website.

Disability Community Awareness

In April 2010 we started to volunteer our services and time to Ipswich Community Organisations, which led to us to launching, so we could thank the organisations we represent plus our supporters.

In 2012 our team decided to launch DCA - Disability Community Awareness, this is primarily a Social Media (Facebook) focused initiative which has been initiated to raise disability awareness primarily in the Ipswich area.

You can visit the DCA FACEBOOK Page or the DCA Website.

The ASD Group incorporates a strategically selected set of service providing businesses.